Goodnight, Valentine!

Perhaps this painting was worth spending a night in the middle of nowhere in the West Texas desert. In any case, it saved the day today, when all kinds of anxiety crept in. It’s not that I didn’t have a good day. I got to see my mentor, John Ross Palmer, who personally delivered and hung my large red labyrinth painting I’d left behind at the Chrysalis because it didn’t fit in my car. Together we taste-tested bagels for my upcoming Champagne and Bagels event (11-2pm, Sunday December 16). We found the ones at Kenny and Ziggy’s quite satisfactory. We also talked about my future plans and many other things. It was a great morning, but tomorrow’s trip to Beaumont (hopefully my last, as I’ve even managed to schedule my “exit interview” with HR) was casting a shadow over everything. Also, I was feeling quite daunted by what’s ahead. Am I doing the right things for my business right now? Am I doing enough? Am I putting myself out there as I should? My mentor’s advice as always was on point: Just paint, good things will happen. So in the end, I’m happy that I got to spend time painting today, happy too, that I enjoyed both the process and the result. I realized I’m closer now to doing the work I’ve always wanted to do, to getting the colors and textures and feelings I was always after. So, in the end, I’m feeling happy with today and happy with the path I’m on. I will keep painting. Good things will happen.

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