Anniversary Promotion

Some of you might have guessed already: For the five-year anniversary of Dogs with Bagels I’m doing a free promotion! You can download the ebook version for free here during the next few days.

A book about family drama, disappointments, estrangements, but also redemption and reconciliation, this will make for a fun Holiday read! Also, you’ll find out why that dog has a pretzel on its tail. I mean, wasn’t it supposed to be a bagel? In the end, you’ll even find out it’s not a pretzel at all, but rather a fairly similar baked good, yet so delightfully different! But for that you might have to read the sequel, Lost Path to Solitude.

Also, for something fun to look at, here are my top nine pictures on Instagram this year. Not sure they even begin to capture how much fun this year has been, but still…

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