Dogs with Bagels: Interview with Two Fashion Victims

Inspired by a Twitter thread on which character of Dogs with Bagels I should dress like for the book anniversary party, here’s some info on the two main divas, each a fashion victim in her own way.

Quick Intro:

Liliana: 23, looking for a job, size 0

Maria: Younger than she looks, older than she feels; sales associate in luxury department store; size is just a number;

Favorite Outfit:

Liliana: Dolce & Gabbana dress borrowed from roommate;

Maria: Beige linen suit bought on sale;

Favorite Color:

Liliana: Black. This is New York, after all…

Maria: Red! Though she hasn’t worn it in years.

Preferred Nail Color:

Liliana: Beige please. Looks understated and sophisticated. Like you have money.

Maria: Red!!!

Most prized possession:

Liliana: An Italian leather bag that comes with its own skincare regimen.

Maria: Hand-crafted taupe suede pumps circa 1980. One size too small. Long story…

Style secrets:

Liliana: Uhm… Check out Italian Vogue?

Maria: Buy classic pieces. They don’t go out of style.

Other secrets:

Liliana: Feels lukewarm about her fiancé.

Maria: Left her husband and children. Came back like nothing happened.

Wishes she could buy:

Liliana: All the shoes!

Maria: An apartment. And books. Lots of books.

Diet Staple:

Liliana: Bagels. They’re cheap. Do you know of any other cheap meals? Though, frankly, if you want to buy her a steak she won’t say no.

Maria: Broccoli. It’s good for you!

Fashion Sins:

Liliana: Once rode NYC subway in her pajamas. Also, doesn’t actually own anything nice, Italian leather bag aside. All her good outfits are borrowed!

Maria: Used to wear shoulder pads in the 80’s. Also, carries her shoes in a tote to work, and wears sneakers on her commute.


Liliana: Speaks to herself (fluently!) in several foreign languages.

Maria: Excellent cook. Also, can charm people into buying things they don’t need.

Wishes she could be…

Liliana: Still hoping to figure it out!

Maria: A librarian.

Pet peeve:

Liliana: Being described as “exotic”

Maria: People. Crowds. Parties. Her husband’s friends.

You can still download the free ebook over the next few days!


    1. Hahaha! So far the consensus is that I should dress like Liliana! I’m probably more like her than Maria in many ways. 😉

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