Winter Solstice Party

Today was very special. I got to spend a few hours in my mentor’s studio with his beautiful dogs, while he taught me how to use the sublimation press to make coasters with my art on them. If you come by the gallery tomorrow, I have some!

As usual he gave me very good advice: “Surround yourself with people who are doing so much, they make you feel like you’re not doing enough.” That’s just one of the things he said.

Later, I drove home to prepare for my Winter Solstice party. I decided to wear my sparkly top from Tangerine. My little four-pawed gallerina was very happy we’d be having guests again. The surprise of the evening? John came to join us after his own event and he brought me a gift: a scarf with my art on it which he printed for me today. It was beautifully wrapped, as is his style, and came with a rose! I felt so honored that he was there for my event! It ended up being a really fun party!

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