I’ve been publicly scolded on Facebook by someone I’ve known since childhood because I post too many pictures of dogs. But, like… Dogs are everything! I asked her if such comments are really necessary and she got upset. Oh, well. Luckily my life is as full of dogs as it is full of art, from my feisty little Boston, to my mentors’ beautiful English Pointers.

Also, today was the last in my series of pre-Christmas parties unveiling my West Texas show. I am so happy I did these! With each event I feel like I’m learning more and getting my gallery to be more professional. Also, I’m lucky to have such supportive people in my life. And dogs, too. Let’s not forget the dogs. They offer so much support!

As if it wasn’t already such a wonderful day, with beautiful warm sunny weather, a few nice sales, and overall just the feeling of accomplishment of having had some lovely parties, there were a few other treats in store as well: I got a lot of Christmas cards this year, and each and every one of them makes me happy. I also got a sweet little present in the mail today: a little brooch of a doggie that looks like Holly (see, more dogs!). And then, in the evening, I got to have drinks and snacks at Caracol, one of my favorite restaurants, with a friend and collector who’s been incredibly wonderful and supportive, and whom I’m so happy to get to know better.

All in all, it’s been a lovely day, and the conclusion of a series of events that took much planning, and a bit of fretting, but which turned out to be wonderful. Now, time for Christmas and a little bit of a rest, then I’ll start planning my New Year’s Eve party.

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