Andreea Needs a Cell Phone

Finally, after days when I felt lethargic and too overwhelmed to tackle the task at hand, I finally delved into the editing of my new manuscript, Lone Wolf – A Road Trip Story. It’s a slow process, but not without its joys! Occasionally the editor, whom I love, underlines sentences she likes, or makes small comments that make me smile. My favorite so far? She expresses concern about Andreea, the protagonist, who doesn’t have a cell phone, going on a road trip with a man she doesn’t know. Fair point! Shouldn’t Andreea call her sister from a pay phone and give her the guy’s license plate or something? Well, yes, that would be advisable, but Andreea hardly ever errs on the side of caution.

If all this talk about the book makes you curious, you can now actually pre-order the ebook version, or at least read more about it on Amazon. Check it out! I did this mostly because I wanted to go ahead and make the cover. I must say I quite like it, and the one for the paperback is even lovelier!

Also today I did a little collage of some of the highlights of this past year. I love doing these, they always turn out so colorful, and this year more than ever.

And to add more sparkle to everyone’s life now that the Christmas presents have all been opened, I decided to hold my very first Facebook auction today! You can enter it on my Facebook page (Maria Elena Sandovici) until midnight December 26, 2018 to win Paris Fashion Week, pictured below, 20×20 inches, acrylic on wood. Retail price $400. Minimum bid: $120, bidding increments $20.

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