Bobby Wants to Drive

Today I finished most of the Christmas leftovers. I finished the mashed potatoes and bread pudding. There’s still some turkey left. I also finished most of the revisions on my new novel. There’s one detail I still want to add, and one more quick read-through to complete. I’m happy about the way it’s turning out.

After sitting in Starbucks revising my manuscript I decided to go shopping. I’m taking a very special trip to DC in January (more on that later!) and I had no cold weather clothes. Not to mention I needed something elegant and appropriate. I wanted a black sweater dress, preferably cashmere, something comfortable yet stylish. The lovely people who work for Sandro and Maje at Saks helped me find two dresses, also a coat that’s bound to be warm enough. I found two sweaters on my own. And so, I’m glad to say I will not freeze. Nor will I look shabby.

After the shopping extravaganza I went and picked up Bobby and Nancy at boarding and drove them home. Bobby usually hates the car but today he wanted to ride shotgun. Actually, he wanted to do more than that. Bobby wanted to drive.

After my fun ride with the dogs I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner. I went to Provisions, possibly my favorite restaurant in Houston. I had the zucchini pistachio cake that I really like. I also ate a small freshly baked baguette, sweet potato curry soup, and a variation on chiles en nogada. Not in that order. I suppose y’all already know I eat a lot.

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