Ojo de Cabra

Today I went shopping for groceries so I can cook a few things for New Year’s Eve. Did you know that black-eyed peas are called frijoles ojo de cabra in Spanish? Neither did I, but it’s written on the box. And if you didn’t know it, it’s considered good luck to eat them for New Year’s here in Texas, so I’m making some, along with a few other things, such as my roasted tomato quiche, which usually turns out well.

The rest of the day was spent reading over my manuscript for Lone Wolf, then going to my studio at Sabine Street to paint. I’m preparing a surprise for February 1st, a day when it is customary to celebrate nature coming slowly back to life.

Still, despite all the planning and the excitement, I was feeling a bit blue. My new life requires more self-assurance and more self-reliance than ever before and at times it can be daunting. There’s no room in it for self-doubt or for stalling and sometimes, even as I am moving forward I feel like I’m not moving fast enough.

So it was perfect that John called to invite me to Tony’s. Tony’s is a place to see and be seen, and it has these huge paintings by John, and it always makes me feel special and cheers me up. Though really, it’s talking to John that always lifts my mood. After our meetings, there’s always a renewed sense of possibility, but also always new ideas, new things to be excited about, and new energy to get everything done.

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