What Now?

This morning I came across a quote in my new manuscript, Lone Wolf, that I really love: “A story does not end with a flight from trouble any more than it ends with happily ever after. Generally that’s where a lot of interesting stories begin. It’s the work that one does after the flight that’s truly compelling.”

The symmetry between this quote and what I’m doing at this time in my life was not lost on me. If 2019 was my Escapist Year, also known as the year when I’ve officially escaped, 2019 is the year to do the work that comes afterwards, the work inherent in building a new life. Today I devoted a great deal of time to planning out my events for the next year (which include trips to Paris, Madagascar, and Colorado!). I will announce these soon.

Also, here’s a peek at nine of my favorite books this year. What were yours?

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