Winter Solstice Party

Today was very special. I got to spend a few hours in my mentor’s studio with his beautiful dogs, while … More

Gallery Dog

Seated by the window, the gallery dog waited patiently for collectors to arrive. She could see the reflection of the … More

A Christmas Carol

In which my witch friend came home for Christmas from Virginia and we went to Galveston to see Ronnie, then … More

Champagne and Bagels

The watercolor is a commission of Salamanca, and unrelated to today’s party, which I was going to tell you about … More

Getting Ready

Today was happy and sunny. I had brunch with my friend at Adair Kitchen, one of our favorite spots. She … More

Anniversary Promotion

Some of you might have guessed already: For the five-year anniversary of Dogs with Bagels I’m doing a free promotion! … More