In Preparation for DC

This painting is called Bill of Rights. It’s 30×30 inches, acrylic and ink on wood, and has the entire Bill of Rights written on it. I painted it in anticipation of my trip to Washington DC later this month. I’m so excited! I haven’t been to DC since I was in my early twenties and in grad school. After many years of teaching American Government it’ll be interesting to go back to DC now that I’m a full-time artist. I’m excited about getting to express my love for the Constitution in a different way than in the classroom. I’m looking forward to creating a series of paintings that combine monuments with quotes and symbols and writing from my journals on the trip.

Other than that, today was rainy and cold and the poor dog didn’t want to go outside. Me, I heard from an old friend, which made me happy. I also managed to get out of the house and paint, and I worked at making cards with my events at the gallery for this year. I also made some progress on the final edits to Lone Wolf.

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