It’s really been entirely too long since Holly wrote one of her poems. So here goes:

First, let me explain:

Humans are weird.

They pee inside their houses —

They have a special room for it.

It’s entirely bizarre.

What’s weirder still —

They like weird things in there.

Things like orchids.

I really can’t understand the purpose

Of orchids.

So I’m confused each time

My human comes home

From places thar have orchids

In the pee room.

I know these things.

I know where she’s been.

I know she sat at a table

With roses on it

(That’s weird too)

And ate raw fish

And berries

With that other human

Who talks loud and is fun

And has great energy.

I like him.

Even though he has dogs.

And orchids.

He has orchids.

At his house

They’re everywhere.

I wonder why.

As far as I know

Nobody eats them.

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