I woke up with confetti in my hair and was already late for farmers’ market. After Lizzy’s birthday party I’d stayed up past midnight to survey the auction of my Chanel Fall 2018 #1 painting (and it has found such a wonderful home!). Still, despite my lack of sleep, the sun was shining today, and I met my friends for breakfast. Afterwards, they took me to the Canino Market on Airline Drive, which I was even more interested in than the farmers’ market I’d slept through. Canino market was everything! And in quite vivid color! It’s so exciting to be here in Houston and have access to this type of abundance: you can find the most unexpected things, like a market that reminds you of Palermo or South America, with all its colorful fruit, mounds of fragrant spices, and fun little surprises too, like the red string rosaries I bought, one for me and one for John, who loves rosaries, and whose birthday we celebrated later this evening. All in all, it’s been a day when my life felt like it was bursting at the seams with goodness. I feel like all sorts of wonderful things are opening up to me, and on days like today there so much to do and it’s all so exciting!

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