Like a Pig in Mud

Today was good! It’s true, I haven’t yet grown accustomed to my new life, or created the perfect routine — is there such a thing?— but today I felt like I managed to get a lot done and also to enjoy myself. I’m making progress on my final edits on Lone Wolf (which involve me reading it again cover to cover on my Kindle to spot last-minute errors and inconsistencies), I cooked healthy food, had a friend come by and see the gallery, drew these pigs I absolutely adore, and met John and Nancy in the evening at one of our favorite hangouts. We talked about my projects, my commissions, and a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve been having anxiety about. I ended up feeling a lot better. Turns out there’s nothing to drive myself crazy over. I just need to allow myself time to settle into my own life and grow to relish the fact that it is in many ways expansive, that it allows generous amounts of time for thinking and searching, reading, and seeking inspiration. Sometimes I feel like I should be busy all the time – but good ideas generally come to those who allow themselves to play. So I need to stop being hard on myself when I take time to enjoy long mornings with my dog, my coffee, and the Internet, for example. I need to simply be happy, like a pig in mud, that I have the luxury to take time and nourish my creativity.

Also, did you know that the Chinese New Year, starting February 5th is the year of the pig? The year of the pig is supposed to be good for horses, so here’s hoping…


  1. According to British author G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936), “the true object of all human life is play.” You’re right on target gal, play to your heart’s content. And I love that quote!

    1. PS – I’m glad you’re doing a final re-read on the novel. I’m astounded at the volume of typos in today’s books! If you ever need another proofreader, just holler, I’m good at it.

      1. Thank you! I had it professionally edited. This is my final read-through after having made changes suggested by the editor! I’m really just finding very minor things.

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