Hope and Renewal

It was a sunny day on Galveston Island. A good day to drive down listening to an Elin Hildebrand novel in the car, and buy my dog’s medicine. A good day, too, to take a walk with my friend and discover the unexpected and the magical: bluebonnets lush and green, ready to bloom soon (does this mean we’ll have a short winter? I hope so!) and monarch caterpillars fat and plentiful crawling on milkweed that’s been cut back and is just now sprouting leaves. We took in these signs of hope and renewal with delight. We talked about our own plans, about opening up, expanding instead of giving in to tendencies to hide away and isolate ourselves. I resolved to drive to the Island more often. Also, I reminded myself that now that Lone Wolf is finally finished, I need to start working on my Galveston ghost story once again.

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