Do y’all remember the fabulous birthday party I went to last week? I completed the painting of it today, and added gold watercolor ground to make it especially magical. I love this gold stuff!

To find my precious jar of it I had to move my little Christmas tree. At which point it turned out the poor thing was too dry to stand in its support any longer. I wasn’t ready to take it down, but I had to. Now I miss its happy lights in the gallery. Though perhaps it was time. My last walk of the day with my little puppy revealed that outside is pretty warm, moist, and spring-like. I found the energy to treat us both to an extra long walk. I came back in a happy disposition, resolved to move around more – something I haven’t quite been doing lately, and which is important to my mood (not to mention my figure!).

Also, John paid us an unexpected visit today. He played with Holly, pretending to want her rope toy (she herself only wants it when others do), and we sat outside by the pool doing work on our respective devices for a while. There is a tree in bloom by the pool, something I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. So yes, perhaps spring is coming early this year. I couldn’t be more ready!

Now Holly’s sleeping on the floor, snoring loudly, the way she hasn’t in a while. I guess the long walk made her tired. This sounds like top quality sleep to me. I must make sure I get her to snore contentedly more often!

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