Romance and Neurosis

This morning I got to paint at John’s. I definitely needed English Pointer therapy and then some, as I had a headache and was feeling especially neurotic. In honor of that feeling, I picked an image of Bucharest to paint that shows the combination of romance and neurosis that makes me love this city of much and identity with it. I’m so excited that I’ll get to be there this spring!

Luckily, there was no trace of neurosis tonight as my party entitled The Light Returns turned out to be everything I’d hoped for and more. The new abstract paintings really are joyful and they managed to take all my tension away. For the first time since I’ve been hosting parties in my new gallery space I’ve felt fully relaxed. I also had the best turnout of any party so far. And the weather suddenly turned warm as if my magic invocation of spring through art actually worked!


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