Another one of the DC commissions. There were these big black geese we saw by the Washington Monument. They looked spectacular, especially in the snow.

It was still cold today, but I felt so much better about life. I did an online auction for one of the West Texas paintings, and it went really well. Meanwhile John delivered La Vie en Rose, the largest painting I ever made, to its new home, and hung it. I love that painting so much and am so happy to think that the collectors who bought it will get to see it each and every day. Also, let’s file this under reasons not to move to Malaga, or at least not yet. My paintings are here, hanging in people’s houses. It might be wise to stick around because my paintings are bound to attract more people. They’re like my own colorful PR team, working overtime on my behalf.

The peonies opened up today. They’re quite beautiful. I’m glad I got them.

Oh, and Lone Wolf, my new novel is free on Amazon for the next few days. If you download a copy, that would definitely make me happy, and if you leave a review, even more so!


  1. I really like this stark Washington Monument winter painting, e. And yet I also find myself imagining the scene in two months with a brilliant blue sky, cherry trees billowing with pink blossoms, and the Canada geese foraging in the green grass with goslings trailing behind. Can you tell I’m ready for spring? Temp is 4F with the windchill this morn. Brrrrrr.

    1. Hang in there, friend! It will get better! Spring will come and it’ll be beautiful!

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