Today I painted the last one in my series of Seaside, Florida commissions. I also got a new review for The Adventures of Miss Vulpe that I’m very happy about. It describes the book as “carnal and sweet, funny and somber,” which I think is a great description for it.

The weather alternated between chilly and warm, and there were moments when it felt good to be outside. It was in one of those moments that I ran into a former neighbor. She looked great, and she told me about working for the Rodeo. I showed her my new gallery space. Her visit coincided with that of one of my favorite collectors who came by to get her Washington DC painting. It was a nice constellation for me. The encounter cheered me up immensely, it was serendipitous and fun, and I always perk up when the Rodeo comes to town, it’s all part of a sequence of events that hopefully means spring is almost here.

Tomorrow I will start mailing the Washington DC commissions for people from out of town. I’m very excited about each of these pieces finding its way to its new home.

Also, I’ve been reading the 1961 section of my Galveston ghost story, and while it’s not finished and also needs a lot of revisions, there are elements of it that I like a lot.

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