I decided that I needed to experiment with painting in my upstairs room to see if it is doable, in which case I might let go of my studio because having all my stuff divided between two locations is a bit exhausting. I bought sturdy drop cloths (moving blankets, actually) and two work lights, and tonight I gave it a shot. I’m not sure how I feel about the resulting painting, and I can’t yet decide if I can paint here or not. Of course, it would be easier if I brought the easel and made a few other changes too.

What I did learn today, however, is that the to-do list I’d made for yesterday and today actually consists of tasks that will probably take all week. The paintings, for example, that I’m trying to ship, need to be wrapped well, and there’s no way I can accomplish that in a day. I decided to pace myself, and mail them out one by one. Today I wrapped the first one, and I consider it an accomplishment. I also went to yoga, which makes me feel good, ate fairly healthy, reread more of the Betty and Cornelius portion of my ghost story, and managed not to succumb to despair when the weather turned seriously nasty. I also managed to sleep a lot and have fairly interesting dreams. I’m hoping for more tonight, as I feel like I’m receiving some special guidance, and I know some of it is about finding my voice and staying true to myself.

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