A Chair at the Ritz

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with the Ritz in Paris, but I am. John and I are going to Paris in April, and we’re definitely going to have a drink there, though in my fantasies I actually get to stay there – preferably in Coco Chanel’s suite. Though perhaps that’s too much to ask for, so in the meantime I painted one of their chairs, which I saw on Instagram, and I’m determined to continue my low key stalking until further notice.

I also took this picture of The Adventures of Miss Vulpe with my pink peonies that I simply adore. I just can’t stop buying them!

Also, I had a nice day. I went to see my friend Tatiana Escallon’s art show, The Caribbean and its Contrasts and it was simply amazing. In the evening I met another friend for a gallery opening and then a nice long chat at the piano bar at Perry’s where the music was simply amazing. The weather was nice too, and all in all things were pretty close to perfect. Here’s hoping tomorrow is good too.

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