Vintage Carousel Horse

Today was foggy but not cold. I even ventured out for a long walk in the park. I also walked a little bit in the Heights and looked into some of the stores on 19th Street. I saw a vintage carousel horse in an antiques shop and I was tempted to buy it because I love love love carousels.

What else? I started doing my taxes. I had a bit of a shock. Here’s how my life has recently exploded at the seams: I’ve done my own taxes for over twenty years now and I’ve always gotten money back. This year it looks like I might actually have to pay something for the first time ever. Of course, I’m not quite done with my return, as I keep remembering things I’ve paid for, and finding receipts and such, things such as professional editing for Lone Wolf, or an AirBnb in the desert, fees to participate in art events, and other such things. Still, I might end up paying next to nothing, but it’s pretty clear I won’t be getting money back.

Also, I’ve reached the point in my Galveston ghost story where Hurricane Carla hits. I still have a little bit of research left to do, but I think I’ll write that part tomorrow.

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