Amazing Day

Never underestimate what a good sleep and a change in weather can do. Today was absolutely fabulous. I had a good Skype chat with my dad, a fun visit at the gallery from a friend who ended up buying all my books, received good news from an organization that helps sea turtles which I’m hoping to collaborate with, worked on a fun new project that involves travel and parties (and art, of course!) and went out to the newly opened Bisou restaurant to a mixer where my friend and I met a whole bunch of new people. All in all, it’s been an amazing day, and I couldn’t feel like my life could possibly be more perfect or hold more promise than right now. So perhaps I need to remember to never assess my circumstances on a rainy night after seeing a sad Spanish movie and getting stuck in traffic.

Also, I am so proud of how I’ve redecorated my guest bath at the gallery. It’s becoming one of my favorite spaces!

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