After the Party

Today was warm and mellow and I mostly felt tired and lazy but I managed to get myself out. I met my friend at Cafeza and we talked about art and our plans for this year over coffee, tacos, and a delicious porridge. Then I went to a cosmetics-themed party where I got to meet some fun new people, and finally I stopped by the First Saturday Arts Market, which was celebrating its 15th birthday today.

By the time I did all that I was good and tired, so I went home to walk the Biggest Dog in the Universe, pay my rent, and draw. I ended up getting in bed before 10, and I almost forgot to blog. Though I have to say, sometimes on weekends, after I’ve hosted an event, I enjoy being a little foggy like this.

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  1. E, I really admire your commitment to your blog. And I enjoy reading it every day, too. Beautiful citrus blossoms, bet they had a heavenly fragrance!

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