If you know me, you know I hate the cold. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of y’all who read this blog suspect that I am part lizard. I need heat and sunshine! And today it was seriously cold. You’d think I’d stay cooped up inside, preferably in bed, under my decadent duvet with a warm little dog curled up next to me. But no. Today I ventured to the Heights to have breakfast with my mentor John Ross Palmer, and on my drive home I saw bluebonnets blooming lush and hopeful in Memorial Park. I’m very proud to say, I turned the car around, found a safe spot to park, and ventured out into the cold, hiked up a hill in fact, so I could photograph these beauties to share with y’all. Such is my commitment to this blog and also to cheering myself up – and hopefully a few other people as well.

It’s been, despite the cold, a pretty good day. I had a fun visit with John, got a new review for Lone Wolf, and had, overall quite positive communications with several people I’m hoping to collaborate with on various fronts. Also, I’m getting really excited about Paris!

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