Here’s your reminder to kiss someone today! Again, it was cold, but tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up. I did a lot of work today, mostly contacting people about my newest very exclusive project, but also advertising my last Open Studio event at Sabine Street Studios this Saturday. I’m having a massive sale as the studio is full of art, and it always makes me happier to see people take it home than it does to move it.

In the evening I took myself out for sushi to reward myself for how hard I worked. I ended up going to Oishii on Richmond. I’d been meaning to try it for a very long time now, and I discovered that it’s small and crazy busy. It was absolutely packed in there, and it had a good energy. It reminded me of Barcelona actually. The sushi was good but not amazing. Perhaps I ordered the wrong thing? Still, it felt like a small celebration to go out, and that was what I’d been looking for.

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