Plastic – Free Lent!

If you’ve been following this blog for a few years, you know that I don’t give up food items for Lent, but rather do things that will lead to a certain kind of growth. Two years ago I gave up color and forced myself to do ink drawings every day. Last year I gave up talking about a negative situation that had no solution and was just making me unhappy. This year I’m giving up single-use plastic because I love sea turtles and all other marine wildlife and single-use plastic has been bugging me for a long time. Of course, nearly everything is wrapped in it, and there was that gloomy moment in the Whole Foods parking lot today when I realized I might need to give up flowers. Then I walked into the store, and not only were tulips on sale, but they were actually wrapped in paper! I was so happy!

It’s been a great day otherwise too. I’ve been making great progress on the exclusive project I’m working on, and am so absolutely thrilled! I also started getting my Sabine Street studio ready for the big sale this weekend. And I bought fish (wrapped in wax paper) and made a pretty good dinner at home. Also, the weather’s warming up. I’m only hoping it won’t rain the day I’m planning to have a pool party for my most VIP collectors next week.


  1. Good luck with your Lenten challenge. It’s gonna be tough! I, too, despise all the single-use plastic and try to avoid it but it’s hard. I do take the time to tell sellers why I won’t buy their product, but it feels like such a drop in the bucket, ya know? Great price on the paper wrapped tulips!

    1. I agree! Unfortunately it’s just a drop in the bucket… Still, we’re trying to do our share. Also, I am beyond thrilled I got some good news today about a collaboration with an environmental non-profit I’d been hoping for. I will hopefully get to make an official announcement soon!

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