Can Cats See Spirits?

I had a dream in which my cat sitter friend gave me a cat. It was a pretty tabby cat and I liked it, but I freaked out. I remember worrying about everything the care of two animals instead of one would entail. Everything from a pet deposit to boarding to the thorny matter of whether the Biggest Dog in the Universe would tolerate a feline presence. Luckily I awoke cat-free, but thoughts of the dream stayed with me throughout the day. I started wondering whether I should incorporate a cat or dog into my ghost story manuscript. All of my books have animals in them except this one. Then I wondered if perhaps there’s a reason I’ve omitted animals. Can cats feel spirits? Would a cat have sensed that the Broadway mansion was haunted and would it have run away? I’m not sure yet how, but I want to work a runaway cat into the story.

Also, I bought these mini-daffodils at Central Market today and I absolutely love them. Other than that I’ve been mostly lazy and sluggish and haven’t really done much at all.

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