Today was such a fabulous day! My large paintings in my studio at Sabine Street are literally flying off the wall, going home with some of my favorite people. My mysterious smoking girl has been adopted by a very chic smoker. My very first large painting that I produced during the Escapist Mentorship Program – and which was the source of some heartache on my part when I learned the hard way that I’m not strong enough to stretch canvases – went home with someone who was on the committee that accepted me into the program when I applied. It’s a street scene of Bucharest in the 1940s, and I always thought it was sad that, because it was unstretched, nobody could see it!

After my collectors fell in love with it and decided they wanted it, we went out to dinner at Cuchara – one of my favorite Houston restaurants. I hadn’t been there in quite a while, and it felt good to be reconnected. Then we went to Discovery Green to see a night market, and I remembered again how much I love downtown Houston and being outside in the park with people and music and art installations, all surrounded by modern tall buildings and buzzing with the energy of the city on a Saturday night. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, it’s hard to believe that life can be this sweet.

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