Cowboy Capital of the World

Tonight we’re spending the night in Bandera, a town that claims to be the Cowboy Capital of the World. Our day was full of adventures. We didn’t really see that many bluebonnets, but it was fun to stop in Luckenbach and listen to live music. That was probably the highlight of my day. Also note that it’s most fun to visit Luckenbach wearing a spectacular green dress, and bringing a Boston Terrier on a leash. Even the musicians remarked on our appearance.

Somewhere between Luckenbach and Bandera I got to see a huge buffalo. It really was not friendly, but luckily it was behind a fence. In Bandera we saw a whole bunch of deer. We also got to visit a bar where Hank Williams Senior had carved his name on a table, which was pretty impressive, but sadly there was no live music, neither were there cowboys in attendance. Still, all in all, it’s been quite an interesting and eventful day.

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