What Have We Learned about Bluebonnets?

This morning we awoke in Bandera to roosters crowing. We took a long, leisurely walk, found a taco place for breakfast, purchased a vintage belt buckle, visited the old Catholic church, then finally got on our way to look for the ever elusive bluebonnets. We found some, though never a whole field like I’d hoped. In fact, we learned that the lushest bluebonnets tend to grow on the side of highways. Which is a nice thing, because it means seeds were purposefully planted there, and a world in which people make an effort to grow wildflowers is a good world for bees, butterflies, and people alike. We also learned that bluebonnets have quite a lovely scent. In the end, once we returned to Austin we found the best bluebonnet photo ops at the Wildflower Center. But we felt richer in experience and adventures for having taken the road trip. And as I sit here next to a very tired dog, I can only conclude that a little country air has done all of us a lot of good.

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