Yoga Saves the Day

Today Puppy and I came back home. It was a sunny beautiful day to drive and we saw patches of wildflowers on the side of the road, the most colorful of which I couldn’t stop to photograph. I bought a fresh poppyseed kolache at a bakery in a gas station in Sealy. The gas station was dominated by a large taxidermy bear and also contained a huge fish tank. I learned that certain South American catfish look a lot like sturgeons – except for the face. It was all a bit surreal, surreal enough for me to be revisited by all sorts of nostalgia, ghosts from a time when I did the same drive under very different circumstances, and gave myself permission somewhere outside La Grange to be very free and perhaps a little reckless – hey, you only live once! Today, though, my adventurousness was limited to a poppy seed kolache. That and a long nap once I got to Houston. I was still feeling tired when I got to yoga this evening though. Tired and all kinds of sad. But yoga helped. The teacher told me I just needed a good stretch, and so I did. Afterwards, I felt lighter. I was in a happy, bubbly mood when I met two lovely collectors for the very last visit to my Sabine Street studio. I was still in a good mood later when I filled my car with paintings to take home. The moving process is underway. Tomorrow John will help me move my easel. I’m starting to feel good about the transition, though. Actually, right now, I feel good about everything. Yoga really did save the day.

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