Where’s Nancy?

I had such an amazing day! It all started in the morning, when, although I woke up dogless, and that’s never a good thing to be, I felt inspired to spend whole hours working on my Galveston ghost story manuscript, revising the Betty and Cornelius section– so far my favorite part. I’m really getting to love the book, and I’m so glad that I’m becoming a bit obsessed with it.

In the afternoon I went to John’s for the unveiling of his Landscapes show benefiting Trees of Hope. The paintings were breathtakingly beautiful, and I had such fun visiting with collectors and Escapists. I ended up buying the Landscapes scarf, which has beautiful pastel colors, and which I know I’ll wear a lot in Paris.

Later, John and I took the dogs to a local bar where they like to play on the astroturf outside. Then I went to a friend’s housewarming party, and by the time I got back home I was pleasantly worn out and all around happy.

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