Keys and Such

I usually tend to really freak out before a big trip but today I managed to actually have a nice day. I got to see three people who are very special to me, and although one would think so much social interaction might get in the way of packing and preparing it actually kept me content and motivated, got me to clean the gallery – all the paintings I brought from the other studio are now upstairs! – and to pack my stuff without too much anxiety and procrastination. Rolled up, I managed to fit nine dresses, two pairs of jeans, a few leggings, and an array of shirts and sweaters into my little suitcase. What didn’t fit were the few copies of Lone Wolf I wanted to bring – but seriously, people who really want one can order it on Amazon and get it delivered in Europe too, so I don’t feel bad for not bringing any with me.

Also, I’m happy I managed to revise the entire Betty and Cornelius section of my new novel. It will need more work for sure, plus there are still the other two story-lines which are still in very rough shape, but it feels like an important milestone. And the collector who bought my small painting of Betty reading and smoking on the moon came by today and bought my painting of a girl in a soap bubble. It made me so very happy, as did my entire day.

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