Window Seat

At the airport. Splurged on an upgrade. Are you surprised? 😉 Well, at least I knew that Air France offers last-moment upgrades at pretty sweet prices, so there’s that. Also, I always worry that the food in economy is not enough for me, and that if I get an aisle seat everyone will disturb me as they pass by, and if I get a window seat it’ll be cumbersome to get up and walk around, so there.

And now I’m sitting in the Air France lounge trying to avoid their very salty snacks, too wound up to work on my novel, trying to look around and figure out if any of the other people waiting here could possibly be fun to talk to.

John is flying in from Denver, so he won’t be on the same flight. Of course, at least once I’m on the plane there will be movies and such, so I suppose if I don’t meet interesting fellow travelers that’s ok.

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