A Trip to Monet’s Gardens

Today we took a train to Giverny to visit the home and gardens of Claude Monet. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not too cold. I really enjoyed the bus I took to the train station. It went along the Seine, past the Louvre, then past the Opera Garnier, to finally deposit me safely at Saint Lazare. The train ride was short, and once we got there it was pretty exciting to think we were in Normandy. I wanted to visit the old church and everything else, but of course we went straight to the gardens. There we found that while the water lilies were not blooming it was still interesting and exciting to watch the light, and the ripples on the pond. We also got to visit Monet’s home and studio. All in all, his gardens are a little corner of paradise but me being me, I still concluded that he could have had much better parties had he lived in Paris. Parties are important. And Paris is so very lovely. On the trip back, after sneaking in a solo trek to the old church, buying a pointy loaf of bread, and almost falling asleep on the train, I took the same bus from Saint Lazare and it was once again quite wonderful.

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