Willkommen in Berlin

Waiting for the train to take me to the airport I was reminded of my solo show, The Platform. Note: I actually took the train, something I never do because I’m lazy and prefer the comfort of cabs. I feel like I should get an award!

My very short flight to Berlin got delayed, and so it feels a little like I traveled all day. But once I landed in Berlin and secured a taxi, I realized just wonderful an idea it was to come here. Everyone is so very sweet and they all speak German, and it’s so very lovely! I don’t want to hear arguments to the contrary. It’s a sad fact that those who don’t understand this language are not able to appreciate its beauty. To me it’s so familiar I didn’t even begin to gage the extent to which I’ve missed it until the nice cab driver started showing me landmarks and explaining we were driving through East Berlin, also that the hotel I was going to was brand new, and that spring is definitely here.

The receptionists at my hotel were just as sweet, though they were a bit surprised that the American checking in speaks perfect German (because it turns out I still do!). My room is new and very edgy, full of mirrors and interesting lights. I do, however, miss my teeny tiny room at Le Lapin Blanc in Paris. It was without a doubt my favorite hotel experience in Paris so far – and all my Paris hotel experiences have been great.

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