Pigeons and Covrigi

I developed a little routine on my walks through the city. I like to eat covrigi in two different places (and if you don’t know what they are, you need to read my first novel, Dogs with Bagels, and its follow-up, Lost Path to Solitude). I buy my first covrig at University Square. I ask for a sesame seed one, and the lady serving me, always the same one, gives it to me with an attitude like I’m wasting her time. My second covrig is more expensive: it has sunflower seeds on it, and as I eat the fresh tender dough, the seeds fall into the paper bag. I love fishing them out and eating them later. I like to sit on a park bench enjoying the second covrig. My friends, the pigeons, come to investigate, but I don’t share my treat. In my defense, they are fat and well cared for and I often see people feeding them.

This all is very pleasant, but to keep things interesting, tonight I went to an art auction. It was quite exciting, the room abuzz with energy. They auctioned off contemporary Romanian paintings, some by artists I was familiar with. The most expensive one went for € 50,000. The room was full of bidders, then some bids came in from online or over the phone. It felt good to be part of it, to soak up the energy. But my favorite was my walk home. I’ve always loved Bucharest at night. All the covrig stands were closed, except for one, which seemed very lively. I resolve to try it soon.

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