Old Lizard Encounter

In which I travel halfway around the world in order to have a 95-year-old tell me she doesn’t like my outfit. The day started with pigeons loving on each other outside my window, and continued with a three-hour train ride to Craiova, where my grandma and my old lizard live. 97 and 95 respectively, the two are sisters 👯 who live together and quarrel every day. Right now, for example, my old lizard is trying to watch TV and grandma, who can’t hear a thing, asks her every 2 minutes is it isn’t maybe time for them to go to bed. Why bedtime needs to be a synchronized experience I have no clue.

As for me, all the clothes I brought with me on the trip, including my beautiful green dress from Tangerine, have been declared by the old lizard to be fit for the circus. Grandma doesn’t really care what I wear, but she did ask me about 50 times what I ate, also told me about 50 times that I need to come back home from where I live, which according to her is “at the ass of the world,” and that I better do so before she dies. I expect a lot of creative discussions of death tomorrow.

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