How to Boil Eggs

Today we dyed Easter eggs for Greek Orthodox Easter, which is this weekend. Nobody thought this task was fun, so I ended up doing the whole thing myself. Especially since general consensus was that we must wait for my old lizard to boil the eggs because she’s the only one who can boil a perfect egg. She used to do this by counting out loud, but she didn’t seem too interested in it today. Also, her track record includes, among thousands of perfectly boiled eggs, the year in recent memory when she dyed Easter eggs without boiling them first because she forgot. I declared that I, too, know how to boil eggs. This declaration was met with mistrust but in the end nobody could stop me. My dyed eggs – all of which have been boiled – look very cheerful. I showed them to grandma, who went to sit outside in the sun, and she said they are pretty. Though sometimes I think the only ones who fully appreciate my skill set are the feral cats.

Also, I’m happy to report the pound cakes turned out fluffy and delicious. My lizard is wrapping them in white paper now, and she’s talking to them, telling them she’s dressing them up so they won’t be cold.

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  1. Your Easter eggs are so pretty, such rich vivid colors! Love your roof kitty too. Those dear old ladies are quite the pair, aren’t they? You certainly have longevity in your genes, e!

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