A Visit to the Cemetery

Today my friend came to see me and we went to the cemetery. The cemetery is very beautiful and also adjacent to one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, a park with a river and magical bridge, swans, water lilies, and a vintage zoo. As a child I used to go there often with my great-uncle. We always walked through the cemetery first, and he showed me the graves he found most interesting. Today my friend and I went to light candles for all the dead people we know there. Though personally I think the souls of the dead circulate in more interesting places and don’t spend too much time in their graves. But today the cemetery was full of visitors, so possibly they came to see who would stop by. I told them we are well, and that we like it when they show up in our dreams. I also told them to get ready for grandma. She’s very eager to join them and tells us so several times a day. I frankly don’t think she has a nice time here with us anymore, so she might be happier on the other side. But she did like the Easter eggs I dyed, and she did like seeing my friend, and now she’s getting ready to watch Easter Mass live on TV, so hopefully she can still enjoy some of the little things in life.

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