Taurus Season

Today marks the beginning of Taurus season, and I awoke with a new energy. I’m very proud of my astral … More

Old Lizard Encounter

In which I travel halfway around the world in order to have a 95-year-old tell me she doesn’t like my … More

Pigeons and Covrigi

I developed a little routine on my walks through the city. I like to eat covrigi in two different places … More

Pigeon Study

Still obsessed with urban pigeons, I spent a long time today trying to take pictures of their shadows. I also … More

More Lilac

Today I bought watercolor paper. I also bought two absolutely ginormous bouquets of lilac. The whole house is scented with … More

Lilac Blooms

Today the rain was more like a drizzle. I walked around looking at some of my favorite buildings, searching for … More

Tulips Everywhere

I’m back in Bucharest and there are red tulips in every room of the house. They smell like spring. It … More

A Day of Glamour

My day started with coffee at the Plaza Athénée. It’s a special place for any serious Sex and the City … More