Last Day in the Kingdom of Cats

“Are you really leaving tomorrow? Are you sick of us? Can’t you stay longer?” the old drama queen asked between moans, complaints, prayers for her own death, and prayers for God to forgive her for asking for death. She used to, years ago, urge me to be on my way, now she feels like my visits are too short. Of course, I’d like to stay longer. I never want to leave her and the old lizard, but I do have a business to return to eventually, and my dad and I are planning a trip to a part of the country I have never been to. Also, I’ve asked him to wait for me at the train station with three fresh covrigi. I’m convinced train station covrigi are the best.

As to the old ladies, I worry about them. Mostly I worry that grandma will terrorize my old lizard with her incessant demands. Then again, I’ve noticed that sometimes the lizard can’t hear, other times she pretends not to hear – and that’s a good thing.

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