Make a Wish

One of the paintings that sold last night was something I’d painted for my art show in Barcelona four years ago. It brought back so many memories, from a time that seems eons ago, even if in some ways it’s in the recent past. It’s just that my life has changed so dramatically since then. I don’t miss my confusion about where I was heading, and there is so much knowledge I’ve acquired since, so much progress I’ve made in my art career and in my personal development too. But I do miss the city, and some days I really long to revisit. Perhaps in September when I go pick my grandmother’s grapes I could stop there for a few days?

In the meantime I painted something inspired by an old picture of the Cathedral I found in one of my many Barcelona blog posts. I displayed it on the wall for tonight’s party. The party ended up being really fun! Some very nice people showed up, and we had a very nice time.

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