In Which I Solve All My Problems

Today I took the car for its yearly inspection, and while waiting I walked to the Galleria and bought two very spectacular and much needed skirts. This was a bit frivolous, I’ll admit, but after going through all my clothes Marie-Kondo-style and setting aside several bags of things that no longer spark joy for Goodwill, it was pretty self-evident that two well chosen and well fitting skirts would offer many possibilities to wear some of the items in my wardrobe I do in fact enjoy – such as the black Chanel vest my friend gave me months ago. Maybe it’s not quite revolutionary, but I do feel that putting order in my things, and having a closet that no longer strikes me as both overwhelming and terribly dissatisfying solves a lot of my problems – if not quite all of them.

Having completed my car inspection makes me feel terribly competent too. Last year I had to get it done in a rush while I was getting ready for my solo show and freaking out about life in general. I managed to run into the Galleria and buy two dresses even under those dire circumstances, but since I hadn’t preceded that with any major closet overhaul, I shall conclude that I am so much better at life now.

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