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I did a little more revising on the Galveston story. I’ve reached the part about Betty, the 1961 episode. I think of the 1960s as the most unfortunate decade. To get myself in the mood, I drew something inspired by a Chanel ad from 1963 (though poor Betty and Edna would not live to see 1963, and neither of them wore Chanel) featuring Brigitte Bardot. In the background I drew some things featured in the book. I ended up liking the drawing a lot. It made me feel a little less adrift and aimless. I suppose the writing should do that too, but I’m constantly plagued by guilt for not promoting my books more, for not knowing how to properly do so. Sometimes I just wish I could merely release them into the world and they could find their own readers. Why isn’t that a thing?

To make myself feel better about everything, tomorrow I shall wash the dog with oatmeal shampoo. I feel like that should be quite satisfying for all parties involved.


    1. Thank you! I wish! It’s slow because I want it to be very good, and I need to be meticulous with historical details and such, but I’m beginning to hope maybe January?

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