DYI Dream Interpretation

Last night I had a weird dream. It involved eating conch raw, something I’ve never eaten. I’ve had conch fritters in Jamaica, but never uncooked conch, which I might actually like, but in my dream I didn’t. It was too salty and there was too much of it. I decided to put away most of it for a later time, knowing full well I would never eat it.

In the morning I was in a very good mood. Today was the day we were all going to the Bush Presidential Library to have a special tour with John, who had a special relationship with President Bush. It was sunny, I was drinking my really good coffee, and I was looking forward to the day ahead. Still, I googled the meaning of my dream. I couldn’t find it. Conch shells have very good symbolism. Among other things they stand for patience – something I’ve yet to acquire – and also for staying on your path. But I had not dreamt of conch shells. I’d dreamt of eating the meat. I found some explanations of dreams of eating fish. A sea snail is not a fish. So, I figure that in the end we’re the ones who get to decide what our dreams mean. We’re the ones choosing what kind of guidance we seek and the symbols we choose to fixate on are indicative of the path we want to take.

Also, the tour of the library was very nice.

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