Chocolate Bear

I totally fell in love with the cuteness of this chocolate bear in the supermarket today. I ended up painting him instead of buying him because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and I was really mostly intrigued with the shiny foil he was wrapped in. These are the things I’m interested in.

Today was a restful day. I wrote a little, went to the gym, did grocery shopping, and had my friend come over for a visit that was long overdue. We speak on the phone a lot, but hardly ever get to see each other. Also she had some clothes for me – more Chanel if you can believe it, and a whole bunch of other stuff I love, including the perfect black pants. I’m so excited about my loot!

Meanwhile the gift I’d sent to Amsterdam without the dreaded customs form or any tracking made it there in record time and caused the desired reaction. Funny how sometimes things can go so smoothly. Makes me wish I was happy go lucky in general, but I know myself better than that. Usually I fret and that’s ok.

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