Virgen de Guadalupe

Today I felt very inspired to paint the Virgin of Guadalupe. I decided I needed to do it, although I had an ambitious day planned, with getting ready for tonight’s party, a workout, and other errands. In the end I decided to run the errands tomorrow, and to work out tomorrow too. Instead I painted the Virgin and I made an altar for the dead. I found pictures of loved ones who have passed away, and chose some of their favorite treats (red wine, coffee, some art they would have loved), decorated the table with marigolds and candles, placed pan de muertos on my favorite tray. I hung the Virgin just above, then proceeded to make the pizza spider (sans parmesan cheese or an egg wash, because, oh well…), the dead person, and some other stuff. The party ended up being a lot of fun! I can’t even describe it as I’m still basking in the afterglow of just how fun it was. And guess what? The Virgin of Guadalupe painting sold right away! I guess I need to make more of her. Or simply blow my errands whenever I feel inspired to make stuff – which I do anyway. Perhaps I’m on the right track.

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