Boston Terrier Calavera

Halloween is tomorrow and I am making a pizza spider with red dipping sauce, a dead person out of vegetables, a ghost marshmallow dip, and then some. I also bought pan de muerto at HEB, and obviously candy. I’ve set up a nightmare-themed show in the gallery, and a silent auction upstairs. I’m pretty excited, as Halloween is truly a magical time, and I love celebrating it, love the whole veil between life and death being thin, the idea of life and death being so intertwined. I’m afraid it’s going to be very cold tomorrow – this I am not looking forward to. I don’t know if the dead feel as playful when it’s cold out, but hopefully the ofrendas will entice them to come be close to us while we think of them. Hopefully some of them will watch over me as I bake the pizza spider – it’s quite a production and I hope not to mess up its many legs. I already forgot to buy the parmesan cheese that is supposed to make the legs look hairy. Would a non-hairy spider still be acceptable?

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